At Inspire Fine Arts, our mission is to edify and elevate the human spirit through the transformative power of the arts. We defend and uphold virtue and goodness by performing music, which encourages time-honored values including honesty, trust, loyalty and kindness. We love the arts and we love the community we serve. Our goal is to support and motivate artists to achieve artistic excellence and for audiences to be both edified and elevated by the superior art we present. The definition of edify is to “instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually.” When we edify, we educate, inform, instruct, enlighten, develop and guide. To elevate means to “raise or make higher.” Ludwig Van Beethoven proclaimed, “[art] can raise men to the divine.” We intend to not only raise our performances to a superior level, but to also raise the human spirit to a higher place. These principles apply to both the artist and audience alike as we seek to find and fund arts worthy of the mission.