Inspire Fine Arts is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation dedicated to the production and promotion of the performing fine arts. Located in St. George, Utah, Inspire Fine Arts was founded by Alyce Stevens Gardner with the purpose of producing fine arts concerts and educational programming in the community and surrounding areas. Choosing the title Inspire Fine Arts was intentional to ensure immediate understanding of the purpose of the organization:

We Inspire.


Executive Director: Alyce Stevens Gardner


Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees Responsibilities

Members of The Board of Trustees:

  • Govern the corporation with intelligence, insight and passion.
  • Defend, support and reinforce the mission, vision and objectives at every level.
  • Assist in programming, management and financial development.
  • Attend, contribute and participate in at least 50% of board meetings. Board meetings will be held quarterly.
  • Advocate for Inspire Fine Arts. Professionally and respectably promote Inspire Fine Arts as a vehicle for positive change in our community.
  • Analyze legal and financial responsibilities to ensure sustainability and the ultimate success of the organization.
  • Maintain confidentially.